Edge Pulsar Tuner Review

Comprehensive Review of The Edge Pulsar Tuner For 2017-2019 L5P Duramax Trucks

Are you looking for a tuner for your 2017-2019 Chevrolet or GMC Heavy-Duty truck with the 6.6L L5P Duramax Diesel engine? These trucks came equipped from the factory with an almost impenetrable ECU that makes tuning these vehicles extremely difficult. In fact, the days of simply plugging into the OBD2 port and flashing the ECM are long gone. Now, if you want to tune your Duramax diesel, you have to either swap out the ECM, bypass the ECM, or use an in-line computer tuner like the Edge Pulsar Tuner. I own an L5P Duramax and I’ve wanted to improve performance for a while now. I wanted something I could install myself without breaking the bank. After a ton of researching, I came across the Edge Pulsar and I decided to contact Edge Products to see if I could get an Edge Pulsar tuner to review.

The Edge team was very accommodating and they sent an Edge Pulsar for me to review in about a week. Since I received it, I’ve put over 20,000 miles on my truck. I’ve done everything from heavy towing, long road trips, driving in the mountains and even consistent idling for my day job with this tuner. After everything, I’m finally read to give my readers my full, honest L5P Duramax tuner review. But first, before we get into my review, I wanted to share the Edge Pulsar tuner features that peaked my interest and made me want to install it on my L5P Duramax.

Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax Tuner Review
The Edge Pulsar Tuner is one of the best 2017-2019 6.6L L5P Duramax Diesel tuners on the market. It offers gains of up to 90 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque and is extremely easy to use and to install.

Edge Pulsar L5P Tuner Features

5 Tuning Levels

The main benefit of the Edge Pulsar is that it comes preloaded with 5 tunes, each offering different capabilities. You can switch between tuning levels on-the-fly or while driving. The highest performance gains are achieved on power level 5, up to 90 more horsepower and 156 more lb-ft of torque. The 6.6L L5P Duramax engine is already impressive on it’s own, just imagine what your truck will be like with almost 100 more horsepower. Here’s a chart depicting each of the different power levels and their respective performance gains.

Power LevelMax Horsepower GainMax Torque Gain
119 Horsepower46 lb-ft of torque
237 Horsepower71 lb-ft of torque
352 Horsepower105 lb-ft of torque
467 Horsepower125 lb-ft of torque
590 Horsepower156 lb-ft of torque
These gains are estimated based off of Edge Products internal product testing.

Switch Power Levels On-The-Fly

With the On-The-Fly capability, you can change power levels quickly and easily by simply pressing the + or – buttons on the steering wheel that are used in the cruise control system. That’s right, there’s no auxiliary switch that needs to be added. The Edge Pulsar is an in-line tuner that connects directly to the ECM, allowing it to use factory components to control the Pulsar. It also allows you to still use your factory cruise control system.

When changing power levels, you also aren’t required to turn off the vehicle or even slow down. You can change power levels while actively driving. With many other tuners, you have to re-flash the ECM. It’s very stressful because if your battery dies during the process, or if something else goes wrong, you can damage the ECM. After switching tuning levels however, it is recommended to let the transmission re-learn. It’s best to give your truck a solid 100 miles of driving before really laying into the accelerator pedal.

L5P Duramax Edge Pulsar Tuning Dyno Results. Picture taken from EdgeProducts.com

Pairs with the Edge Insight CTS3

If you read a number of the articles on my site, you’ll find that I strongly recommend digital gauge displays as a must-have for any truck. My favorite digital gauge display, also known as a performance monitor, is the Edge Insight CTS3. The Edge Pulsar can be paired with the Edge Insight CTS3 to gain even more features, and even more control over your vehicle. When using the Insight CTS3 with the Pulsar, you can actually change power levels through the Insight monitor as well. Read our full Edge Insight CTS3 review for a full break-down of all the features this monitor will give you as well.

The Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor pairs well with the Pulsar tuner, offering greater insight into your truck while also unlocking a number of features when the two are used together.

Easy Installation

A key reason I chose the Edge Pulsar is because of ease of installation. I like to be able to do things myself, and when I recommend a product, I like recommending things that truck owners can easily do themselves. It’s cheaper that way, and its half the fun! Because the Pulsar is an in-line tuner, it mounts directly on to the ECM. This is different than other L5P Duramax tuners that require you to remove your ECM and ship, leaving your truck for days or weeks sitting in your driveway. In about 15-20 minutes, you can install the Edge Pulsar tuner on your L5P.

This tuner also doesn’t require any complex wiring. You simply undo three separate plugs, remove a couple of bolts, and you’re ready to remove the ECM. Then you add a couple of brackets to secure the unit to the ECM after pushing the Pulsar flush against the ECM. Then just re-install. The hardest part is just getting the ECM out from under the engine. You may have to push other boots or piping out of the way to do it.

Power Without Compromising Reliability

Unlike old school tuners that add horsepower and torque but often resulted in premature failures and breakdowns, the Edge Pulsar has internal safeguards to maintain your trucks reliability. Safeguards exist for both the engine and transmission. If EGTs get too high, the Pulsar will derate the truck to protect the engine. If the transmission slips, the Pulsar will back down on power to protect the transmission.

Greater Vehicle Control & Customization

Tuning isn’t the only feature of the Edge Pulsar. There are a number of vehicle customization options that this tuner gives you. You can adjust the TPMS system to accommodate different tires. The Pulsar also let’s you adjust tire size to correct the speedometer. There’s a lot more too! Here’s a list of all of the other Pulsar Features.

  • Speed Limiter Adjustment
  • Gear Ratio Adjustment
  • Clear DTC Codes
  • Initiate Manual Regeneration to clear DPF
  • Transmission Re-Learn
  • Built-in Throttle Sensitivity Control
  • High-Idle Adjustment

Now that you have a good idea of all the ways the Edge Pulsar can benefit your truck, let’s get into my actual review.

Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax Tuner Review

Initial Thoughts

After researching all of the available L5P Duramax tuners on the market, the Edge Pulsar stood out for a number of reasons. First, it appears to be one of the easiest L5P Duramax tuners to install. It comes ready to be installed out of the box. The Pulsar also stood out because of its affordability. Custom tuning for the L5P can exceed over $3500 easily because you have to swap out the ECM. This tuner doesn’t require any of the headaches, while only costing $700-$800. The last differentiator is that the Pulsar claims to offer gains of up to 90 more horsepower and 156 more lb-ft of torque, and has 5 power levels that can be switched on-the-fly. Overall, after my research, I was really convinced the Edge Pulsar Tuner would meet the needs of most L5P Duramax truck owners.

2017-2019 Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax TUner Review
Edge Pulsar Tuner shown above. Picture taken from EdgeProducts.com


After installing the Edge Pulsar on my L5P Duramax, I was stunned. For a box tuner, a tuning device that comes with standard and pre-written tunes designed for the masses, this tuner offers unbelievable pep and significantly better throttle response. In fact, the Pulsar made my truck drive similar to a custom-tuned LMM Duramax with EFI Live I owned years ago.

Edge’s Pulsar for the L5P Duramax comes with 5 tuning levels and I spent time driving with each individual level. Switching between tunes is easy and only takes seconds. If you’ve had tuners in the past that required re-flashing your ECM every time you wanted to change power levels, you will love how easy the Pulsar makes it.

After putting my truck through a variety of tasks like heavy towing, extended high-way driving, and long-term idling I am happy to report that I experienced zero issues, and if anything the tasks were made easier. You just have to be careful towing in the higher tune levels, 4 or 5, because EGTs get high quickly when accelerating or going uphill. Stay in the lower settings for frequent towing. I really enjoy the higher settings for commuting because they offer better throttle response and more passing power. Level 3 is a great compromise for all around driving.


The design of the Edge Pulsar tuner has to be one of the best things about it. It’s an in-line tuner that doesn’t require re-flashing your vehicle to switch power levels. Instead, you get immediate power and quick adjustments by simply using your vehicle’s OEM buttons on the steering wheel.

Another excellent and well thought-out feature are the safeguards that protect your L5P Duramax engine and your Allison Transmission. Many tuners don’t have these same safeguards so while they may give you a noticeable performance boost, it comes at the cost of reliability. The Edge Pulsar actively monitors EGTS and searches for transmission slippage. If either is detected, power is decreased to keep these components safe.

The physical design of the Pulsar is pretty unique and impressive as well. The L5P’s ECM is located right next to the engine where it is exposed to extreme heat all the time. I was a little worried at first that it wouldn’t hold up. I haven’t experienced any problems, and it’s clear that the Edge Products engineers designed this thing to withstand the high temperatures.


At $800, the Edge Pulsar is at a lower price point than many L5P Duramax tuners. Because of the sophistication of the ECM, many L5P Duramax tuners require you to exchange your ECM with one that has been cracked, as well as purchasing a tuner and tunes for your vehicle. This can easily cost more than $3000 if you are working with a quality tuning company. While custom tuning often creates the best results, the cost just makes it very unrealistic for most people. Edge’s Pulsar costs a fraction and offers respectable gains that are more than enough for most people.


I’ve had trucks with many different types of tuning. I’ve used EFI Live, EZ Lynk, Torque Tech, Bully Dog/SCT tuners with custom tuning, and more. Every single one of these tuning platforms gave me problems one way or another. They were either difficult to install, it was hard to change tunes, or they caused my truck problems once in a while.

Installing and using the Edge Pulsar has been absolutely seamless. I haven’t had a single code pop up, my vehicle hasn’t broken down, and everything is easy to use and change. The quality of the Pulsar is very apparent. It’s given me no problems and I haven’t had to reach out to Edge support a single time.

Overall Thoughts

The Good

My Edge Pulsar Review has definitely been more positive than negative. If you are looking for a quality tuner that is easy to use, this is the tuner for you. The L5P Duramax comes from the factory with over 400 horsepower and 900 lb-ft of torque. With gains up to 90 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque possible with the Pulsar, this is really all you need for a truck that is capable and fun to drive. The internal EGT and transmission slippage safeguards also give you peace of mind. Overall, the Edge Pulsar is a owner-friendly, powerful, and safe tuner for your L5P Duramax. If you are looking for a tuner for your 2017-2019 Duramax diesel truck, strongly consider giving this one a chance.

The Bad

There are very drawbacks of the Pulsar tuner. My main dislikes are that this tuner is only currently available for 2017-2019 Duramax trucks. If you have a 2020 model or newer, they currently don’t have a tuner you can use. I was also disappointed in my fuel economy gains. Other tunes I’ve used in the past like EFI Live resulted in better fuel economy gains. That being said, because of the emissions devices on these newer trucks and their already impressive MPGs, I think maybe there is less room for improvement. This is especially the case if you idle frequently, which causes more regenerations to occur. Anyways, I only experienced a one mile per gallon increase in fuel economy on average.

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Edge Pulsar L5P Duramax Tuner

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Edge Insight CTS3 Review

Everything You Need to Know About Edge’s Insight CTS3

Have you ever heard of a digital gauge display or a performance monitor? They are one of the few products that every truck owner can benefit from, regardless of make or model. As long as you have a 1996 or newer truck with an OBD2 port you can use one of these. How do they help you? These devices offer real-time data parameter monitoring, vehicle settings adjustment, and code reading/clearing capabilities. Edge products makes the Insight CTS2, which has been around for years and has proven itself to be one of the most reliable, capable, and versatile units available. I’ve had them on several of my trucks. Recently, Edge released their Insight CTS3, which is an updated model with even more features. 

Edge Insight CTS3 & Components
Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Display

Since I’ve been a big believer in the Insight CTS monitors for a long time, I reached out to Edge to see if I could get one to review. They obliged, and after 20,000 miles of driving and about 5 months of ownership, I’m ready to share my full Edge Insight CTS3 performance monitor review. Before I get into my review though, I wanted to breakdown all of its features so you know exactly how this unit can benefit you and your truck.

Edge Insight CTS3 Features

  • Real-Time Data Parameter Monitoring
  • Performance Testing
  • Highly Customizable Gauge Display
  • Pairing with Other Edge Devices
  • Code Reading and Clearing
  • Vehicle Customization & Settings Adjustment
Edge Insight CTS3 Different Views

Real-Time Data Parameter Monitoring

Real-time Data parameter monitoring is easily the most important function of the Edge Insight CTS3 monitor. In a matter of seconds you can select PIDS to monitor on your display such as Exhaust Gas Temperatures, Engine Coolant Temperatures, Engine Oil Temperature, Diesel Particulate Filter Status, and more. The PIDS that are available to monitor are dependent on your truck however. My 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd with the 6.6L L5P Duramax Diesel engine comes with a ton of sensors already installed from the factory.

This means I don’t have to add any auxiliary sensors or pyrometers to monitor things like EGTS. If you have an older truck, you may not be able to monitor all of these PIDS immediately because your truck didn’t come with any of sensors from the factory. If you want to monitor things like EGTS you just need to purchase the Edge EAS EGT KIT.

Edge EAS EGT Kit

Edge EAS EGT Kit

If your truck doesn’t come equipped from the factory with the ability to monitor EGTS, the Edge EAS EGT Kit is a must-have! It will allow you to add your own EGT monitoring device and it connects to your Insight CTS3.

With that being said, new trucks and old trucks alike may have factory sensors installed, but what they show is very limited. Without the Edge Insight CTS3 you’re pretty much limited to what your factory gauge display shows. On newer trucks you might be able to view slightly more information by flipping through screens, but it’s hard to keep track of everything. Edge’s Insight CTS3 lets you view all of these important parameters on one screen, making it significantly easier to keep track of everything.

Real-Time Data Parameter Monitoring
The most important Edge Insight CTS3 capability is real-time data parameter monitoring. You can view up to hundreds of different parameters and select which ones you want to display, all on the same screen.

Performance Testing

Many truck owners with Edge Insight CTS3 monitors buy other aftermarket accessories to make their trucks more capable and boost performance. Are you thinking about adding another performance mod? Want to see how it affects your 0-60 mph time or 1/4 mile time? The Edge Insight CTS3 insight offers performance testing capabilities, allowing you to measure performance in a variety of ways.

You can store results on a track ticket-style data sheet and also data log PID Data and export it. If you have custom tuning this is really useful information you can send the person that tunes your vehicle. It will allow them to modify the tunes and make adjustments to improve vehicle performance and reliability.

Highly Customizable Gauge Display

Before digital gauge displays and monitors like the Insight CTS3, you had use a bunch of individual old-school gauges if you wanted to monitor different temperatures and other parameters. Obviously it took up a lot more space, and it still wasn’t easy to keep an eye on every parameter while driving. The Edge Insight CTS3 lets you pick all the PIDs you want to monitor and puts them all on one screen, making it easy to keep track of everything while driving.

There are 20 different gauge layouts you can select, each offering a different view of parameters. You can move PIDs and select new PIDs on each of these different layouts. You can also change the background screen and the colors of every screen too, allowing you to put your own personal touch on your Insight CTS3.

Pairing With Other Edge Devices

The Edge Insight CTS3 isn’t just a digital gauge display, it can be a lot more. It can act as a hub, controlling other Edge products. Edge makes a variety of other products that can benefit your truck like rear-view cameras, tuners, and more that can be controlled by the Insight CTS3. In fact, I use my Insight CTS3 monitor to control the power levels on my Pulsar Tuner. You can even control accessories not made by Edge like air compressors or light bars by installing the EAS Power Switch upgrade. It allows to CTS3 to be used as a switch, saving you from having to install ugly switches in your dash.

Here are some of our favorite Edge products to pair your CTS3 with:

Edge License Plate Back-Up Camera

Does your truck lack a back-up camera? Easily add a back-up camera and connect it to your Edge Insight CTS3 with the License Plate Back-Up Camera.

EAS Power Switch

Control up to two accessories from your Insight CTS3 with the EAS Power Switch.

EAS Data Logging Kit

Want more sensors and data parameter monitoring than even the most advanced trucks can offer? Check out the EAS Data Logging Kit. It comes with two extra EGT sensors, two boost sensors, and two temperature sensors.

Edge Pulsar Tuner

If you have a 2017-2019 6.6L L5P Duramax the Edge Pulsar is an easy way to add up to 90 Horsepower & 156 lb-ft of torque.

Code Reading and Clearing

When any modern vehicle experiences an issue, there is usually a diagnostic trouble code, or DTC, that displays a message to help you identify what the problem is. Shops have expensive code readers that they use to help identify these DTCSs. There’s no need to pick up one of these devices though, when the Edge Insight CTS3 gives you code reading and clearing capabilities.

Vehicle Customization & Settings Adjustment

Another noteworthy feature of the Insight CTS3 Monitor is that it allows you to customize and change the settings on your vehicle. It depends what features your truck has, but on my L5P I can adjust tire pressure monitoring settings, the speed limiter, and more!

Now That you Know the Features…

Now that you know the features of the Insight CTS3, it’s time to hear my thoughts and experiences after having the unit on my truck for over 20,000 miles and 5 months. Here is my full Edge Insight CTS3 Review.

Edge Insight CTS3 Review


The Good

After using multiple different digital gauge displays in my trucks, I was impressed with how well the CTS3 works. It loads very fast, you can change screens very easily, and the touch screen display works seamlessly. On many monitors, the touch screen doesn’t function well, making it hard to select options or change screens. The CTS3’s display works better than any monitor I’ve ever had. It’s even a huge improvement over the CTS2, the previous model.

Another important performance attribute is how easy this unit is to navigate. You can switch between gauge displays by swiping your finger to the side, or navigate to most other features by swiping up or down. This reduces the time it takes to use other functions because you don’t have to return to the main menu to access other features.

Last but not least, the Edge Insight CTS3 offers impressive performance because of its wide range of features. There isn’t another monitor I’ve come across that offers the same amount of features and customization. This unit gives you real-time data parameter monitoring, code reading/clearing capabilities, performance testing, and vehicle settings adjustment. It does all these things while also being highly-customizable, giving you the ability to change gauge displays to your liking, pick your own PIDs to display, and even adjust colors and upload your own background pictures.

The Bad

The main drawback of the Edge Insight CTS3 when it comes to performance is that it lacks the ability to tune your vehicle. If you want those capabilities, you need to purchase the Edge Evolution CTS3 which has the benefits of this monitor, with the adding tuning capabilities. Tuning isn’t available for every vehicle though, so make sure they have a unit compatible with your vehicle before purchasing one.


The Good

Since purchasing the Insight CTS3 I’ve been in really warm climates and really cold climates. In both, the unit has continued to work, even when it was exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold. I’ve had other products in my truck where the monitor literally stopped working after a hot Florida day when it was left on my windshield. After 5 months of ownership, the Insight CTS3 in my truck continues to be reliable digital gauge display I can count on.

The Bad

While my Insight CTS3 Insight always works, sometimes it will glitch when it turns on initially. It will start up and go to the gauge display but it will be frozen. By simply unplugging the unit from the OBD2 port and plugging it back in, it reboots the unit, fixing it. It can still be annoying at times.


The Good

From the moment you unbox the Edge Insight CTS3 to you actually using it, its superior design compared to other digital monitors is evident. It features one of the largest screens and it comes in a package that is pretty much all inclusive. A suction cupmounting solution is included, which is something many other digital gauge displays don’t include. It also offers significantly easier updates than many units because it can be updated wirelessly when connected to WiFi. 

Unlike the Insight CTS2, the CTS3’s exterior design features a sleeker look, achieved by using rounded edges and a thinner frame. It has a more modern look and definitely looks like a premium product when compared against competing products. The CTS3 also installs extremely easy, which is a nice feature when traveling. You can disconnect the monitor from the suction-cup mount in a matter of seconds.

My favorite design element is that Edge designed the Insight CTS3 to be compatible with other products that they designed. They even have a switch kit that allows you to control up to two accessories through the Insight CTS3. This is very unique amongst digital gauge displays available in the market today. The Insight CTS3 can also be used to switch power levels on a variety of tuners for different trucks too. 

The Bad (NONE)


The Edge Insight CTS3 is a bargain at a price of $400. Code reading/scanning devices can easily cost over a $100 and if you look at all of the other features this device gives you, it’s clear there is a ton of value in this product. This is especially true if purchase an Evolution CTS3, the variant of this device that comes with tunes for around $600-$700. Tunes can often cause more than $500 by themselves.

Overall Thoughts

If you want the best digital gauge display on the market, the Edge Insight CTS3 is it. It offers greater personalization than any other unit, it offers more gauge displays with greater PID monitoring control, and it has code clearing and reading capabilities that make it easy to figure out the reason for an unexplained check engine light or a DTC code. It has an excellent composition, it looks like a premium product, and with all these features and its reliability it still only costs around $400. If there was a product everyone should have on their truck, this is it.

The only real downside of the Edge Insight CTS3 is that it lacks the functionality to tune your vehicle. Instead, you need to purchase the Evolution CTS3 for your truck, Pulsar (For the L5P Duramax), or another tuner. It can also glitch sometimes during start-up, but it’s easily resolved by unplugging the unit and then plugging it back in.

If you were to ask me whether or not you should buy the Edge Insight CTS3 digital gauge display, the answer for me is a definite yes. If you are interested in purchasing this unit, consider buying it from one of my affiliate links in this post. It helps support Truck Insiders by giving us a small commission when you buy a product. Thanks in advance!

Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Display

Buy it Now

Buy the Edge Insight CTS3 by clicking HERE.

Add-On Accessories to pair with your CTS3

  • Edge License Plate Back-up Camera #98203
  • Edge EAS Power Switch #98609
  • EAS Data Logging Kit #98618
  • EAS EGT Kit #98620

Edge Insight CTS3 FAQS

How Much Does the Insight CTS3 cost?

The average retail cost of the Edge Insight CTS3 is $400-$450.

What is the Edge Insight CTS3?

The Edge Insight CTS3 is a digital gauge display and performance monitor that offers real-time data parameter monitoring, trouble code reading/clearing, and a number of other features for your truck. It plugs in to the OBD2 port and easily mounts on the windshield of your vehicle.

AFFILIATE LINKS DISCLAIMER: This website page contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and purchase the product, I’ll receive a commission. This helps support Truck Insiders and allows us to continue to produce helpful pickup truck insight and content. Thank you for the support!